At Inari Health, our passion lies in producing the highest quality CBD Oil products possible. Our British based production facilities make us well equipped to provide essential advice on buying CBD Oil in the UK.

 As we are professional CBD Oil Consultants, we are also able to offer private health consultations, to recommend a tailored regime of products that will enhance your whole body wellbeing.

The product

Our hemp is sourced from the Swiss mountains, where the crystal clear air and mineral rich soil infuses crucial nutrients to produce a superior grade crop.

The farm holds an Organic Certification, and produces their own seeds, giving you peace of mind that no chemicals have been used during the growth phase, and that zero genetic modification has occurred.

The process

We use the CO2 method of extraction to obtain the vital Cannabinoids from the plant,  as this allows the end product to retain a full spectrum of both Cannabinoids and Terpenes. This spectrum produces what is known as "the entourage effect", which provides more optimal health-enhancing benefits.

CO2 extraction is also far more sustainable than other methods, like cold pressing, as there is no discard, and the CO2 is reused over and over.

It is also a cleaner process, with no residue risk able to contaminate the end product.

Our extraction method reduces oxygen exposure to zero, which means we can guarantee no oxidation or degradation of the final product.

 Once we've made up the bulk extract, we send a sample to our partner laboratory for potency testing.

The production

When we receive the bulk product at our UK CBD manufacturing facility, we send it off for another potency check at the lab, to ensure the extract meets our stringent quality standards. 

 We then mix the product with high grade MCT oil (coconut oil), as this has been proven to enhance the bioavailability of CBD.  For our more potent range, which can leave a "hempy" aftertaste, we also add in peppermint.

Once the product has been mixed and bottled, we send it off for a third check, to test the strength of the blend.

The Inari Gold Leaf Standard

Our guarantee to you is to ensure all our products are of the highest quality possible, and that by using them, you receive the maximum possible health benefits.

With this in mind, before we ever send any CBD product out to you, we send all finished strengths for a fourth and final check to our laboratory.

Additionally, we conduct heavy metal, mycotoxin and micro testing, to ensure potency and purity of all products we retail.

Our core mission is to bring our customers the ultimate in value and quality.  We achieve this by bringing you beneficial products that positively impact your vitality. 


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